Need Some Help Starting An Urban Meadow?

We've tried to provide a lot of great resources here at but it is OK to ask for some one-on-one help!

Check out the list of consultants below. Any of these experts is able to help, but please be sure to check out their specialties, extent of services offered, regions of expertise. Just like you want to select the best meadow plants for your site, you want to select someone to help who is well suited to help you.

What type of professional is an Urban Meadow Consultant? Urban Meadow Consultants understand how to foster ecology in urban (i.e. disturbed) environments. Some are be experts in horticulture, others in soil, others in pollinator habitat. Some might be skilled in aesthetic design, and others might work in a purely functional way, and some might excel in both areas. Please check out bios to learn about different specialties.

Remote consultations. Most of our consultants offer video consultations. This is great way to collaborate, even from across the globe! But it requires both parties to be engaged. If you request a video consultation, be prepared to film at various angles, show some close-ups of various plants, dig a scoop of soil (maybe do that in advance), etc. The expert will want to give you the best advice possible, but this needs to be based on a great "feel" of the location, and you will need to provide help there.

Want to be a consultant? Great! Send us a message on the contact us page. advertises services on this page and connects potential customers to consultants. Consultants set their own rates. just makes the connection, and that's it!

Urban Meadow Consultants